5 Things says about RV Skirting

Here are highlights of an article overviewing RV skirting written by We have the important points for you and hope it is helpful to those of you working and living in and RV during the winter time 1. Buttons and snaps leave gaps Many systems us buttons and snaps (t-Snaps) to hold their vinyl skirting to the trailer. We at custom Skirting like to say that "buttons and snaps leave gaps". Usually they are spaced 10-12" apart and that means 10-12" for the heat to es

5 Things RV'ers in the Northeastern states need to Know about Winters

1. Winters can (and often do) Start Early - In 2014 there was storm that dumped 70"+ if snow on November 12. It is important to note that it was the date and not the amount of snow that made it memorable. - Bottom line, winter in the North East often start early and stay late. 2. Winters in include lows below ZERO and Massive Snow Accumilations Freezing temperatures and high winds start early that close to Canada and no "arctic package" or "winterized trailer" will guarantee