Free stay in Rapid City, SD when you purchase a skirting product!











Act now to reserve up to 3 free nights in Rapid City SD.  Rapid City is nestled in the beautiful black hills and centrally located near of the following attractions:

- Mt Rushmore

- The Badlands

- Custer State Park

- Crazy Horse Memorial

- Spearfish Canyon

- Much more!


When you order a custom skirting product you will be able to stay at our location and visit the beautiful South Dakota while and we build your 100% custom skirt!  Your qualifying order is one of the following:

- Full RV Skirt

- 5th wheel storage room






5th Wheel Bonus Rooms

The bonus rooms come standard with all of our skirts and are great way to add storage to your RV.   Just want the storage room and not a full skrit? We can do that too!

Full Skirting

The Full Skirting provides the maximum insulation and storage options for you RV.  We Skirt 5th Wheels, Class A motor homes, Bumper pulls and even tiny homes!

The Custom Skirting Advantage:


- Buttons and snaps leave gaps - Our patented channel system creates a nearly air tight lock that keeps the cold air out and the warm air in.

- Buttons and snaps leave raw holes - We place a bead of HTC silicone behind our channel to seal up any screw holes in your RV

- Plywood and foam board decrease the resale value - Our system will increase your resale as opposed to leaving the rub marks, tape deposits, foam residue and screw holes that are necessary to get a good seal with the "Home Depot" skirting

- Park managers love our skirting - To often when a RV's with plywood skirting leaves, they simply dump the plywood on the ground and pull out leaving the manager to clean up.  Additionally, we have a clean look to our skirting as opposed to the unsightly "Home Depot" skirting. 

- Our skirting keeps it's value for the long term - It will cost ~$1,000 for a DIY skirt that you must discard when you move only to remake the next year.  Our skirting will retain its value and increase the sale price when you resell your RV.


The Key to our Skirting: our patented channel system. We install a 1" piece of aluminum channel to the side of your RV and then slide the skirt into that channel. This creates a nearly airtight seal all the way around your vehicle.  Other systems use buttons and snaps that leave gaps.  These snaps are placed approximately every 8" that means there is an 8" hole for heat to escape and cold air to get in. No Snaps, No gaps*.  Here is a link for more information on how our system works: 



Part 2 of our system: Patent pending tiedown loops. Our loop system is a one of a kind.  Most skirting only holds either the back or the front of the skirting but ours piches it together to ensure a strong anchor. We also provide 10" spikes to hold down the skirting and we have informaition here if you are on a concrete pad. 



Yes, the channel looks great with the skirting off!



















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