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Get your quote and book a stay.

Use our free quote generator to get quote for your RV. Included with each quote is either a 4 day stay at our RV park if you are one of the first customer to book during a given week or a 2 day stay so we can ship the finished skirt to you. If travel is required a considerable upcharge will be required to get our vans on the road, try to get your friends deposits in and book several skirtings in the same place to lower your travel charges.

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Come to Rapid City and set up camp.

Make your way to our RV park and enjoy the area while our craftsmen get to work on creating your skirt.


Where will the channel be installed?

This begins the work for our craftsmen. In this step of the process they will move any obstructions for channel placement and create clean lines where the channel will be installed around your RV. To insure the placement of each piece we will be using removable markings to insure we place each piece exactly where it was measured from. This will make sure that the custom fit skirt is as tight as possible.



Placing panels, pockets, and all your access points.

Have you heard of measuring twice and cutting once. After we have figured out where the channel will go it is time to take precise measurements. During this step in the process we detail exactly how each panel will be placed, where all of the access points will be, and how you will be able to use your storage space. given the standard practices in making RVs each skirt takes a custom touch. There are never two exactly the same RVs


Once we know the measurements we make your RV CAD.

Here we compile all of the measurements and placements of the skirt we have designed for you and make them digital. By using computer software to detail our skirt we can print the skirt template made just for you on the vinyl to insure the sewing team gets the exact right placement. We save all previous work so that if anything happens to one of your panels we can reprint the panel and send you a new one in a mater of days.

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Cutting and polishing each channel for placement.

We eliminate all sharp edges so that your skirt will last.


How we ensure each measurement translate onto your skirt.

By printing on the back side of your custom skirt we can detail exactly how each panel will interact with your RV. Our sewing team has perfected their craft by implementing this technology with their skills.

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Installing your custom channels on your RV.

By using our patented channel system and RTV Silicon we create a water tight seal on your RV.


Putting the miles on our sewing machines.

We have tried countless suppliers and it matters for something even as small as the thread we use. Our countless attempts at creating the perfect skirt means that you get the most outstanding product on the market.

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Channel meets panel.

See the process come together when the panels are placed into the channel. Each order will come with detailed instructions and walk thru for your skirt if you get the play and stay option. If you are a fit and ship customer watch our YouTube installation video and give us a call before your first installation.


Start at your front door and work counterclockwise.

Each panel will have its number as well as the number of the panel that should be placed next to printed on the back Meaning you never lose track of which panel goes wehre.

Pannel Numbering 7.png


Secure your skirt to the ground with these approved methods.

Each custom skirt is supplied with clips that can attach to any point on your skirt and 8" galvanized nails for ground penetration. If you are at a site that has hard surface parking choose between sandbags or water tubes placed on the inside of the skirt. Some customers have opted to place either 2"x4" boards or PVC pipes at the edges and then the weights on top of these so that the skirt has a straight clean line the entire length.

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