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  • Peter Franz

What makes our RV Skirting Unique?

For too long the skirting world has been ruled by the traditional "button snap/T-Snap" system to attach skirts to RV's. These systems leave a 10-12" hole between each snap that allows the heat to escape from under your RV. It doesn't matter how good your heater is if you got holes in your walls :)

So we made a better system.

We created and patented a channel system (some call it the rail system) that creates a nearly air tight lock around your RV that keeps the cold air out and the warm air in.

Over the last 4 years we have received rave reviews of our system and keep having people come back for another skirt when they get a new trailer. To help explain the system we put together a video put it up on you tube and the response has been amazing! At the time of this post we have had over 7,000 views!!

So thank you for everyone that has used and endorsed our Custom RV skirting to their friends and family and, as always, call us at 855-WE-SKIRT (855-937-5478) if you would like a free quote!

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