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2 Easy Ways to Tie Down our Skirting

All of our skirts come with 10" galvanized spikes and our patented loop system to hold your skirt down.

However, we recognize that not all customers are located 100% over ground that will accept spikes. For customers that are on or could be on concrete pads we recommend purchasing Double Water Tubes Winter Cover Weights. We do not make them (because we can't make em cheaper than China) but we can point you in the right direction! The link below will get you to Amazon where you can purchase as many as you need to hold down your skirt!

Conversely, you can also buy 2x4's and sand bags to hold down the skirting. This method is best employed when you are planning to be in one place for a long time. The only downside of this is that the matierial can be hard to transport.

Finally, our patent pending strap system can be wrapped around the tubes or 2x4's to hold them in place! This combination creates a secure system to keep the skirting anchored where you need it.

A few features from the Amazon website:

- 35% heavier than other versions on the market

- Features no-leak valves that makes it easy to fill with a garden hose

- Do not fill more than half-way to allow for freeze expansion

- Greater strength and puncture-resistance

Here are links to a few we would recommend:

Link to 10' Tubes:

Link to 8' Tubes:

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