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  • Peter Franz

5 Reasons to Order Skirting Right Now

1. Stay Ahead of the Crowd - Every year it is the same. The first cold snap of the fall and our phones go from an expensive paperweight to detonating C-4. At this point in the apocalypse, the first question we get is, "How soon can you be here? Tomorrow?". Many people get pushed back on a long and growing list. We do our best to skirt everyone as fast as we can but it is just a numbers game; too many orders leave us clawing to keep up. This is true for all of competitors as well. Unfortunately, many people are left sweating rapidly freezing bullets hoping that anyone can get them skirted.

2. Rapidly Changing Weather - Winter comes faster than you think and whether or not you believe in climate change, freak weather events seem to happen more and more frequently. Don't be left out in the cold if a sudden cold snap swings in and threatens your pipes and comfort!

3. Money - In order to incentivize people to order early we offer summer discounts on our skirting to entice them to order soon when the weather is nice and we can easily get them skirted. Second, if your pipes do freeze and burst, it will cost you more money to repair them. Order early, avoid the rush, save time and save money.

4. Our Guys - We have dedicated teams that works in the field to make sure that your skirt fits right and is professionally installed. The guys are rock stars and will be out there in the nastiest of conditions because they understand how bad it is to be out in the cold without a skirt. That being said. They would much prefer to be working in t-shirts and shorts on a summer day than Carhartts and ski masks when it is -10. Please, think of the children.

5. Weather Delays after Ordering - This may sound similar to #1 but it is quite different. The added trouble that the fall and early winter months cause all of us is that there are other weather related events that push our schedule back. It has happened before that we even had the skirts manufactured but we couldn't get out and install it. Let me tell you, no one wants to hear that the time frame is pushed back because of a blizzard. We don't want to make that call and you don't want to pick it up.

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