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5 Things says about RV Skirting

Custom RV Skriting and

Here are highlights of an article overviewing RV skirting written by We have the important points for you and hope it is helpful to those of you working and living in and RV during the winter time

1. Buttons and snaps leave gaps

Many systems us buttons and snaps (t-Snaps) to hold their vinyl skirting to the trailer. We at custom Skirting like to say that "buttons and snaps leave gaps". Usually they are spaced 10-12" apart and that means 10-12" for the heat to escape out.

Channel System

The alternative is the channel System. The channel system creates an air tight lock that keeps the hot air in and the cold air out.

2. Buttons and Snaps Break

Snap and buttons RV Skirting

It's not just your little partner downstairs that loses length when the weather gets cold, vinyl skirting does as well. When the weather gets cold the skirting pulls on the snaps on your trailer and will break them off. To add to that, there is no sealant behind the snaps so even if the skirting does not pull it off, the water that leaks into the small cracks will expand and contract until they break off of your expensive RV.

The answer is to use a product that seals behind the screw placement to make sure there is no water penetration. The channel system is just that system. We at custom skirting run a bead of silicone behind the channel to make sure that the screws we add are sealed against the elements.

3. If you are going to spend a winter in an RV, you need Skirting

Freezing temperatures and high winds start early that close to Canada and no "arctic package" or "winterized trailer" will guarantee no frozen and broken pipes if they spend a winter in that far north. That is not even to mention the cold feet from the floors.

There is only one RV that does not need RV Skirting. It is a Subzero solutions and has walls with an R factor of 45-52. If you don't have one of these, you need skirting.

4. RV skirting is hard to blueprint and install

We have been working in North Dakota the last 7 years and have skirted over 1,000 RV's. There are many sites where you can order panels and install them yourself. We would love offer this option with the channel system but the bottom line is that there is so much variation in RV's and so many nuances to get the skirting to fit right that we insist on completing the whole process ourselves. Here is our process to make sure you get a skirt that fits right:

1. You call us for a hard quote over the phone

2. We come to the RV and create a custom set of blueprints that are unique to your trailer

3. We manufacture a 100% custom Skirt at our factory

4. We return to your RV for a 100% custom install

5. You have a skirt that fits your trailer like a glove

5. When winter hits, we get busy

Our product is 100% custom and we need to to come to your trailer a number of times. Many people wait to order skirting until the weather hits in October/November. We will make you a skirt and get it as fast as we can but we can't control weather that sets our schedule back and can do damage to your trailer. We recommend ordering early.

Call us (855-937-5478) if you are interested in a free quote and to find out when we are in your area. Or for more information, Click Here.


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