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The Best RVs for Winter Skirting

Since 2009 we've skirted every imaginable RV and these are our favorites:

Grand Design Solitude / Alliance Paradigm

Founded in 2012, Grand Design has become a mainstay in the fulltime RV community. The simple, straightforward exterior layout lends itself perfectly to our Channel System. The materials and dimensions on Grand Designs are some of the most consistent that we see.

Although the contours of the front cap are more challenging, Grand Design's line of Momentum Toy Haulers share these same attributes, making them some of our favorite jobs.

Newer Alliance Paradigm models appear from the outside to be almost identical to Grand Design Solitudes, with some small improvements.

Keystone Montana and Alpine

Over the last decade, we have skirted more Keystone Montanas than anything else. From the all-white models of the early 2010s, the earth-tone models from the 20-teens, to the floorplans available today, we have seen and skirted them all.

The construction of Keystone's luxury fifth wheels gives us a great starting point for our Custom Skirting. Our channel system attaches extremely well, leaving us confident that no wind storm will be able to damage it.

Keystone Toy Haulers are largely the same story, with dozens of happy owners enjoying their fully-skirted winter camping experience.


A unique challenge for us.. Devoid of slide outs and many of the usual RV exterior headaches, Airstreams provide probably the most robust exterior to a full-time RVer. Our Aluminum channel blends right in to the polished aluminum skin of the Airstream.

These are our favorite RVs to build a Custom Skirt for. What have your experiences been?

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