Sofdor Lincoln Welder Door Cover - All Channel

Sofdor Lincoln Welder Door Cover - All Channel


Soft door welding cover to replace factory door.

- Heavy duty industrial zippers for fast & easy access
- Sides and top of the panels held in place with channel
- Door keeps the elements out while still allowing air flow into the welding compartment just like the OEM's
- Price is for set of 2 panels, front and back.

Product option
  • Details

    - Quiet/Non rattling
    - Easy to control ventilation
    - Easy to replace factory door
    - Fits Lincoln SA 200, 200D 300 and 300D
    - Easy access
    - FR Rated avaialable ($20 more)
    - Keeps out the Cold, Rain, & Dirt while protecting.
    Made of heavy duty 18 Oz truck tarp Vinyl. Uses our patented channel system to keep out the elements.

    *Don’t have a Lincoln? Let us now and you can be the first of that model!!