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Usually it is best to install the skirt with a partner.  It works well to have one person feeding the skirt into the channel and the other person gently pulling it along.


Before installing the skirt, spray silicone lubricant (Not WD-40) along the channel to help the skirt slide smoothly. Be careful not to over spray as it will drip down the skirt.


With very few exceptions, the skirt will be designed to slide into horizontal channel first, vertical channel second and Velcro sections third.


All panels are labeled: The circled number is the current panel. The number with the arrow is the adjacent panel.  Panel 1 is always the front door on the passenger side. The numbers work around your RV counter clock-wise.

Customers on concrete, asphalt, frozen soil, or very soft ground will need to use sandbags or other weight to hold the skirt down. Failure to fasten the skirt to the ground will result in damage to the skirt and RV.

To clean the skirt, use warm water and a mild soap solution.  Allow to FULLY dry before storing. Failure to do so will result in mold and mildew in your storage roll.



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