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Your completed skirting order will come with detailed Installation and Removal Instructions. Feel free to call us at any point when installing your skirt.

Installation Tips:

Tip 1

Usually it is best to install the skirt with a partner.  It works well to have one person feeding the welt of the skirt into the channel and the other person gently pulling it down the side. Its okay if you are alone just work in shorter runs.

Tip 2

When installing the skirt a little spray of liquid SILICONE (WD-40) along our channel system helps the skirt slide in smoothly. Be careful not to over spray as it will drip down the skirt.

Tip 3

For the vertical channel it is usually best to PUT the vertical sections of channeling in LAST (during Install) and PULL the vertical sections of channeling out FIRST ( during Removal).

Tip 4

All panels are labeled with the following system: The Circled number is the current panel and the number with the arrow is the next piece that attaches to that piece of hook and loop fastener.  Panel 1 is always the front door on the passenger side. The numbers work around your RV counter clock-wise.

Tip 5

If you are parked on a concrete pad or another location where you cannot install the spikes provided we recommend using a combination of 2x4’s and sand bags to hold the skirt down.  This is also recommended if you plan on moving during the winter, as the spikes will freeze to the ground.

To clean the skirt use warm water and a mild soap solution.  Allow to FULLY dry before storing. Failure to do so will result in mold and mildew in your storage roll.

For storing and transporting your skirt we recommend the following steps:

   -Stack skirting sections like pieces of paper.

   -Place all skirt ends with welts together for easier rolling.

   -Place the longest skirt panel with the numbered side (the inside) faced down. 

   -Place the other panels with their numbers (the inside) faced up.


 -Roll the skirt like a burrito and slide into the skirt storage bag welt end first.


Advice from the pros on setting up your skirt.

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