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First, check out our install video! Stuck? Give us a buzz at 605 503 0278! 

Pinning the skirt down:

A secure connection to the ground is the most important factor in the lifespan of your skirting. Allowing the skirt to flap in the wind will damage the skirting and your RV! 

Custom Skirting always comes with EasyKlip tarp clips and galvanized spikes:












These spikes work great in hard-packed ground. Soft sandy soils, newly constructed RV sites, and saturated soil from rainfall or spring thaw will not hold the spikes well enough. 

When the ground is frozen, large timber screws (6"-10") may be driven in place of the spikes. Other screw-in ground anchors also work well.

Customers on concrete, asphalt, frozen soil, or very soft ground will usually need to use sandbags or other weight to hold the skirt down. We build the skirting with plenty of extra length to facilitate sand bags. 


Cleaning the skirt:

To clean the skirt, use warm water and a mild soap solution.  Allow to fully dry before storing. Do not use a pressure washer. 

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