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Your Custom Skirt will be tailored to the exact measurements of your rig. Come stay for free at Black Hawk Creek RV Park & cabins during your fitting. Our craftsmen build your skirt to a tolerance of 1/8th – 1/16th of an inch. Using superior materials our skirts fit from -40 to 120 degrees. The typical skirt system has between 6-12 pieces making each panel easy to handle and install. Easily installed by a single person, and team of two typically installs their skirt in 15-20 minutes.

Measuring off the axels of your unit we will extend panels 14 inches past the standing ground level. This extra 14 inches ensures that your skirt will give you ground contact every time you move. With each skirt we supply adjustable skirt clips and 8 inch galvanized nails that will lock into your skirt at any point on the skirt and be securely fastened to the ground. For placement on hard surfaces we recommend using sand bags or water tubes placed on the inside of the skirt once pulled tight.

The use of our patented channel system has many benefits. Some of our clients’ favorite benefits are; support for every inch of the skirt so there are no gaps. Since the plastic welt is sewn into your skirt there are no snaps, this means less hardware and a lighter skirt, our skirts typically weigh 80-120 pounds, 20 pounds less than most competitors. The support of the channel means that in comparison to turn button systems half as many penetrations are created during installation. The shingling effect created by the channel being installed with silicon and the welt of the skirt locking into place means almost no water gets behind your skirt as it flows down the sides of your RV.


Our patented aluminum channel system is the only attachment  system on the market that was designed to be used for skirting an RV. Using a continuous channel system you get support for your skirt every inch of the way. By utilizing this system your skirt will lock in place creating a shingling effect for any of the elements that assault it.



Our material is 18oz vinyl coated polyester truck tarp vinyl rated down to -40 CCV. This is typically the same materials that semi truck tarps are made from.and for good reason.. Simply put, this material gets abused and takes it! Subject to extreme heat, extreme cold, endless wind, relentless sun, driving rains and horizontal blizzards.

Why is it Important to get at least 180z Vinyl

Mother Nature can be very demanding, therefore, you need a material that can handle what she throws at you.  Too light of a material can't handle her demands. Although a heaver material is stronger, it is also more expensive.  We have found our 18oz material is rugged enough to handle the elements, yet light enough to make it practical and portable.

What is CCV:

CCV is an important term to know when choosing your skirting product. CCV is an abbreviation for "Cold Crack Value".  This is perhaps more important than how heavy (18oz) your skirting is. Basically, the lower the CCV is, the more brittle your material becomes in the cold.   We have all had the experience of buying a brand new BBQ grill equipped with the custom fitting cover.  Unfortunately, far more often then not, a short 12 months later the cover is UV faded and cracked.  This is typically the result of a poor CCV value.

Spend the money and only invest into a skirt that has a high CCV value otherwise you are wasting your time & money.


By eliminating the snaps we eliminated the gaps.

Due to the craftsmanship of each Custom Skirt there are no snaps, no buttons, no turn lock tabs and most importantly no gaps. By creating a system with no gaps your skirt will be as close to air tight as any skirting system on the market today. Trapping so much air under your RV develops a large insulation pocket that keeps your RV warm and your pipes from freezing.

Buttons Leaves Gaps_edited_edited.jpg


Our craftsmen carefully note the placement of your storage and utility placements on your RV. We make sure that there are access zippers or “Velcro” access panels where ever you might need it.


Sturdy marine grade zippers insure our products stand up to the UV exposure and cold temperatures.


We custom tailor a metal insulating panel that is roughly 8” x 8” that will allow your generator to pass thru the skirt with out it being damaged by heat. Our skirting system allows you to use all of the amenities of your RV even in the coldest parts of winter.


Your skirt comes with an additional 14” of material past the level pivot measurement taken from your axel. This will allow you to stay warm at almost any campsite.


The placement of our wrapped 3/32 aluminum bars on the side walls of your RV slides means there is no wear or tear on slide gaskets. Every hard corner on your RV like slide corners will have additional layers of vinyl giving you the protection to withstand even the harshest winds.


Most new applications will enclose your hitch with a 3-panel system giving you more storage than previous designs. With two additional layers of vinyl placed over contact points on your 5th wheel your skirt is protected from wear and tear.


Our craftsmen will build your skirt to snuggly fit between the frame rails and propane tanks on the tongue of your unit.


Each order includes a custom storage bag made to fit your skirt. The typical storage bag measures 5 feet tall and around 14 inches in diameter. Total weight depending on the size of your RV will be between 80-120 pounds.

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