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Due Diligence: 4 References You can Call About Our Work

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Most jobs require 3 references. We'll do you one better :)

It is unfortunate to admit, but there are shady people out there. Unfortunately, those that live and travel in RV's tend to be the targets of many of these characters of ill repute. Because of this we encourage anyone looking at purchasing RV skirting to complete their due diligence and make sure to check out all of the companies you are talking with.

We are happy to have a long-term working relationship with many RV dealers we work with and are happy to send us referrals. here is a list of 4 of them and feel free to call and ask about us!

Coates RV

(701) 572-2250


Rough Rider RV

(701) 483-9844


Green Star Camper Center

(605) 343-6877


RV America

(970) 278-1900


There are many more but this should help you get a background. Also, be sure to check out our Facebook Page for the images and words of thanks left by our previous customers.

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