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Check out getting your camper skirted like the Morton's did. See our process and what your skirt will look like in this video from Morton's on the Move.


"Just had my camper skirted couldn't be happier! Very good communication! When we arrived to pick up camper they walked us through the complete installation and pack up process, even gave us tips and tricks to make the process as smooth as possible. Thanks to Jarrod and camp manager who stayed and helped us fix a problem we had with our Jack's!"

"Had them install skirting on my new Montana fifth wheel camper. I could not be happier with the skirting and how it looks. They done an excellent job installing, also came to my location to install. Overall very pleased with the skirting and how well it looks. Have had several very windy days here in Iowa and it's holding up great."

"Called them and left a message that I wanted a skirt and told them my location in rapid. My wife and I are here on a work contract and work a lot so they handled everything over email and made it very convenient and within a week we had a great looking skirt measured out and installed. Looks great fits great and really makes the overall appearance of camper look good!"

"Don't get discouraged if they don't answer your call during the day, they're busy fellas and it's a busy season for them! They always call back and the guys are super helpful and eager to answer your questions, Peter is great. We live on the road and travel for work and had to be at a job right away, they worked with our time crunch and got us in the next day and got our skirt done quickly. When we picked up, Peter came out and showed us how to put the skirt on (easy install🤘🏻) and gave us some tips to make it even easier for us. We love our skirt and are very satisfied/happy with our purchase!"

"Chris, Alex, Bob and Jerod were all very helpful and do excellent work. The skirt they fabricated for my 34 foot fifth wheel is perfectly fitted and of exceptional quality. I couldn't be happier, and it has withstood 50 mph north winds this week... Great Company and product"

"Will buy here in spring, they were 3 weeks behind, did not have the time this trip to get them..but did see the craftsmanship. Top Notch material is used."

"Getting our second skirt done by these awesome guys! Love their high quality RV skirting & everyone that works here too! Highly recommend!"

"Great job on our RV."

"They did an awesome job on our RV !!"

"Perfect fit. Quickly attached and straight forward instructions. Well made and excellent service. Thank you Jared and Joe. Your the best 👍"

Teresa Randall

"got a set of awesome skirts for my welding machine 10 out of 10 would recomend to any one running a welding rig maintenance is a breeze and you don't hear the steel doors rattling"

Shamus Holcomb

"Many times in the RV industry once you purchase a product that's the last you hear from the seller. Not the case with Custom Skirting. 2 years after taking delivery of my skirt I ran over the zipper for the 5th wheel front panel, destroying it. I was told that zipper replacement is very easy, just ship the panel in and they will replace the zipper and send it back. Didn't go well. The new zipper had scrunched the panel just enough it did not pass the CS quality control check. They could have just sent it back to me. But not these folks, they built a whole new panel so that it would fit perfectly when I got it. That's integrity."

Dallas Reid

"We love our Custom Skirting on our camper! It looks beautiful on the camper! I like that there’s no snaps! It’s good quality material. They did a great job at measuring our camper and making the skirting for our camper fit like a glove! I would definitely recommend Custom Skirting Camper to everyone!"

Connie Marlatt Chadwick

"Awesome product, Scott did all the work on our campers and did a great job, skirt fits like glove and has made a huge difference on our camper already! Thanks guys!!"

"Just had my skirting installed on my 2002 Keystone Hornet 5th wheel. I am very impressed with the way it looks and have had a lot of people stop by and ask me about it. The back piece wasn't the way the Scott wanted it so he sent for a new one to be made. ( I thought it looked good still). It was remade quickly and shipped to me! Everything from the start has been a fantastic experience!! I would recommend them to anyone!!"

"High quality and great customer service. Well worth the price."

"Thank y’all so much. Y’all did a great job on our cedar creek looks awesome. Can’t wait to get the therma slides on."

"Great product and outstanding service. Highly recommend them. They came all the way to Pine Grove Pennsylvania to blueprint mine. Shipped it to me and I installed it by myself in less than an hour."

"Scott did an amazing job getting our skirting put on yesterday in this horrible West Texas wind. It looks amazing!
We have had great customer service since we ordered our skirting, even when we moved half way across the country from where we were when we ordered it we still recieved great service. They did a wonderful job keeping up with us and making sure we got our skirting as soon as possible. We ordered in North Dakota where it was supposed to be installed and had to move to Texas and they still came and installed it for us. Thank you guys so much!"

Amanda N Aaron Morales

"We love our new skirting! The color is awesome! Thank y'all for everything!"

The quality of the product and install was SUPERB. I could not of asked for a better skirting to be installed on my 5th wheel. The installation team was Awesome � and answered every question I had. The team was very professional. I definitely would recommend this product and service to any full time or part time RV’ers. I can not speak on how the removal or installation will be for me when it comes to that time, but the installation team made it very clear on what to do when I get to that point.
Definitely could not ask for anything more from these guys."

Jonathan Polk

"Awesome install today!! Randy was professional and proficient!! Worth the wait!!"

John Crane

"The skirt looks awesome, and the company was very professional and easy to work with!"

Monica AndAndrew McGinnis

"I've never seen a product like it! Great company full of motivated individuals continuously striving to improve their design and to better meet the ever changing needs of each individual customer."

"If you are looking for a great portable and sturdy custom skirt look no further. I should have bought this a long time ago. Could have saved a lot of money and time. Easy to set up and take down."

Matthew Banton

"Great product along with great customer service. Peter was great to work with and will work with your needs. Skirting fits great and the quality is great! Well worth the money!"

Jake Carlson

"Had a great experience.
The quote was a little higher than the others but the channel system is what sold me and happy I paid more. It does a great job keeping the cold air out and looks great with the skirting on or off. I also like that the materials they use are all heavy duty.
Staff was great and will be using them for future skirts,
5 stars"

Karyn Franz

"got my channel on looks great can't wait to see my skirting on my camper
5 stars"

"You all did an amazing job! Love my skirting. A wind storm hit the night after my install(Oct 29th) followed by a cold snap (at least by VA standards). Skirting definitely helped with the wind and the temps in my basement and inside! Plus, it just looks amazing!
Since then, we've had extreme cold temps, snow, and more wind. The skirting has done its freeze ups within my rig. I have the black skirting and, even at temps in the teens, with some sunshine, it really helps warm things up! I seriously debated getting this done since my original plans were to be in the south for the winter..but I would not have out run the cold this winter and now I'll be prepared no matter what!"

Jennifer Mitchell

"After numerous positive and informative communications regarding specifics & logistics, Tim and I left our new Montana 5th Wheel in a KOA space in Rapid City and left town to take care of other business. Chris came right out to our space, blueprinted our unit, explained his system and commenced to producing our new skirting. After the skirting was manufactured and had gone through strict quality control steps, Chris brought the skirting to our unit and walked Tim through the installation process, ensuring us of a very high quality, SHARP looking end product. The skirting panels are all numbered and roll up together in a bag specifically tailored to fit our skirting for ease of transport when not in use. We left knowing we had made a very wise investment in our future. We are in the cold, wet Pacific North West, and are just setting up, but will attach photos as soon as we put our skirting on, later today."

Cyndy Harrison Sampley

"you did my first one so well having the second one done as well"

Will Kurtz

"so far it's doing it's job. we'll see come next week highs 0 lows -10 or better.... I'll let you all know"

Alvin Richter

"5 stars"

Coreen Whipple

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