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Take your winter defense to the next level.

Did you know the side walls of your slides are not built the same way as all of you other exterior walls? Often made to fit in tight spaces the side walls of your bump-outs are not insulated the same as the rest of your rig and will bleed heat. Our Therma-Slide system is made to work with any style of skirting you may already have purchased. Made in two styles; the main level therma slide wraps around your slide-out and covers the top and sides of your slide since the bottom is already encapsulated with skirting. The fifth-wheel level Therma-Slide wraps around all sides of you slide providing covering around your entire bump-out. Work with our craftsmen when submitting your measurements to determine if you will use additional ridged foam under the wrap. The use of 2" ridged foam board can supply an additional R-10 rating to your slide side walls. Available in 8 colors to match your skirting.

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