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Grand Design Solitude with Custom Skirting



Getting your RV ready for winter? Have you experienced freezing pipes before? Our unique channel system seals out water or snow, and breaks the wind better than any other skirting system on the market. Come stay with us at Black Hawk Creek RV Park & Cabins to get your custom skirt installed.  Our skirting has been tested and improved over the last decade, facing winters all across the northern United States and Canada. Designed to be set up by one person in an hour, our skirting will easily pack up and move with you!



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Our skirting will hold air better than any other RV skirting on the market. This does involve the application of aluminum channel to the side of the RV. It is done as discreetly as possible, and all screw holes are sealed with RTV silicon. The panels are designed to be installed by an individual, but a team of two will enjoy a very satisfying, straight forward experience as everything slides into place. All panels are numbered, starting at your door and going counter clockwise around the RV. They attach to each other via 2" Velcro. All hardware is hardened stainless steel.


We strive to create the cleanest lines possible on every RV. We will create access through the skirt to absolutely everything we see. Crawl space access is built into the skirt at each end of each slide out, and a large zipper garage door to access the fifth wheel area is included.



We provide abrasion protection anywhere the skirt may contact a sharp edge on the RV, nylon or vinyl gaskets around penetrations through the skirt (trailer hitches, ladder brackets, etc.), and tear proof corner reinforcement. There are a lot of details on our product that do not exist on other skirts, and especially on mail order kits.


On the side walls of the slide outs, we use hook and loop fastening panels wrapped around a 3/32" piece of aluminum, to attach the skirt to the RV. This is fixed to the RV in the same manner as the channel. This is far more robust than adhesive backed hook-and-loop, is gentle on rubber seals, and removes the need for any button snaps.


Your skirting is made with plenty of extra length, so it will always reach the ground.


Our skirting is backed up by a 3 year warranty. All blueprints are stored indefinitely. Replacement panels can be plotted, sent to the sewing team, and shipped off within a matter of days. 


Keep in mind we are based out of Rapid City, SD, and 60% of our orders are received after Labor Day. Each skirt's dimensions are tailored to fit one RV - yours! We do not mass produce skirting from measurements taken from only one RV. You'd be surprised how much two "identical" RV's can actually vary.



Get on our travel schedule! We can travel when we have multiple jobs in one area.

We visit the following locations each summer and fall:

Western North Dakota (Bakken)

Eastern Wyoming & the Colorado Front Range

Sioux Falls, Sioux City, Des Moines  

Colorado High Country and Kansas pending demand

Our road trips are dependent on securing multiple jobs in the area. Ask about our referral and group discounts!

If we are not traveling to your area, we can always host you at Black Hawk Creek RV Park while we skirt your RV.


"Just had my camper skirted couldn't be happier! Very good communication! When we arrived to pick up camper they walked us through the complete installation and pack up process, even gave us tips and tricks to make the process as smooth as possible. Thanks to Jarrod and camp manager who stayed and helped us fix a problem we had with our Jack's!"

"Called them and left a message that I wanted a skirt and told them my location in rapid. My wife and I are here on a work contract and work a lot so they handled everything over email and made it very convenient and within a week we had a great looking skirt measured out and installed. Looks great fits great and really makes the overall appearance of camper look good!"

"Getting our second skirt done by these awesome guys! Love their high quality RV skirting & everyone that works here too! Highly recommend!"

"My wife and I purchased from your company 3 years ago when we were in Hotsprings(SD).  I work for the railroad and we had just purchased a new Grand Design Solitude.  We travel around for my job and it keeps us in the north during the winter season.  We needed skirting to stay warm and your company delivered.  The skirting and channels are still going strong after these years and It has been amazing.  Just wanted to say thank you!  If we ever get another rv, our first stop will be to get a new set from you!  We started a YouTube channel and wanted to share our review of your product with you as well.  Thank you for such a great service!"

Jon and Taylor Chaffin



Custom Skirting for your RV. Our main focus and passion. After over a decade of iterative improvements, we have built the ultimate winter defense for your RV. Our skirting systems has been tested from Maine to Washington and from Texas to Alberta. With an air tight, tailored fit, our favorite jobs are next door to other skirting.

Keystone Raptor Custom Skirting Bonus Room Toy Hauler
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A cosmetic vinyl wrap for those who bolster their slide outs with foam board insulation.


Year-round storage and privacy under your fifth wheel without committing to a full skirt.




Check out getting your camper skirted like the Morton's did. See our process and what your skirt will look like in this video from Morton's on the Move.


Customer review by Rails Tails & Trails YouTube channel.

Review starts at 3:50


Custom Skirting Office & Black Hawk Creek RV Park & Cabins:

6790 Deadwood Ave Rapid City, SD 57702


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