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Why Your RV's Skirt Should Be Installed By a Pro

Why Your RV's Skirt Should Be Installed By a Pro

As an RV owner, there are tasks that you can easily complete by yourself, and some that are best left to the professionals. Installing an RV skirt is one of those jobs that require expert intervention. Remember, you’ll be relying on the skirt to protect you and your camper from the harsh winter conditions, so you can’t afford to compromise on quality.

If you’re not sure whether to have your RV skirt installed by professionals, this post will highlight reasons why it’s the smartest option. As you read along, you’ll also understand why our craftsmen at Custom Skirting are the go-to experts when it comes to winter RV undercarriage protection.

RV Skirting Professionals Have Extensive Experience

Making and installing a tightly fitting RV winter skirt isn’t a task you want to entrust to just any random person who claims to be an expert. You want to work with specialists who have been in the industry for a long time and have handled a huge number of RV skirt installations.

For instance, our company has skirted over 1,000 RVs, making us perfectly capable of tackling any project. If you don’t already know, the RV industry is currently experiencing a serious shortage of trained technicians. Qualified experts are even fewer in niche areas like custom skirting installation. So, finding a company with such impressive industry experience is a major perk.

High-Quality Installation

Enlisting the services of a professional RV skirt installation company guarantees a high-quality results. As you know, the job of the skirt is to protect your rig's vulnerable systems from the harsh wintry conditions and keep the living quarters comfortable and efficient. If not installed properly, your pipes could freeze and break, or you could be exposed to unbearable temps.

Now, skirting specialists understand what’s at stake, that’s why they go above and beyond to install an RV winter skirt that’s custom-fitted and airtight. Apart from the practical side, expert custom skirting looks sleeker by maintaining the RV’s natural lines. A DIY job won’t be able to achieve the same standards.

Advanced Design Technology

The success or failure of your RV’s protective wrap will heavily rely on the design phase. That’s because creating a tailor-made RV skirt takes careful planning, measurement, digital reconstruction, and expert sewing. Thankfully, having your skirt made and installed by a pro team allows you to benefit from superior design and technology. Our craftsmen inspect your RV and take precise measurements to detail exactly where and how the custom skirt will be placed.

We also have a digital reconstruction expert who inputs those details in computer software to ensure a matching RV skirt template is printed. We also print numbers on the back side of your skirt to detail exactly how each panel will interact with your RV. Further, our experienced sewing team uses the blueprint to fabricate a skirt that precisely matches the dimensions of your rig.

Higher Quality Materials

Apart from high-quality craftmanship, professionals use superior quality materials to build the skirt. Sourcing the right materials for your DIY skirt build may be difficult. Also, professionals who handle many projects source the best materials at wholesale prices, and they pass on the savings to the consumer.

In our case, we use 18oz vinyl-coated polyester. This material won’t crack when subjected to cold temperatures down to -40 degrees. Other components of the custom skirting, such as Velcro, thread, and zippers are specifically made for outdoor use and will handle UV exposure perfectly. Further, our patented channel is made of extruded aluminum and other accessory hardware of stainless ste


Great Problem-Solving Skills

The thing about RVs is that each one has different dimensions. Even rigs of the same model that look identical tend to have some variations. In addition, some RV owners make some exterior upgrades like suspension lifts, cargo carriers, steps, and rock guards. Some of these changes could pose installation challenges for DIYers or those relying on self-install kits.

Thankfully, RV skirting technicians have great problem-solving skills and love new challenges. Their creative thinking guarantees that your RV skirt's dimensions are tailored to fit your camper, no matter how unique its shape is. And you can rest assured the skirt will fit snugly and prevent warm air from escaping the undercarriage.

Access to Proper Tools and Equipment

Professional custom skirting specialists have access to the best tools and equipment for the job. They have specialized tools for measuring, cutting, sewing, and installing the system that the skirting will latch onto. Proper tools make the trickier aspects of the job easier to handle, and ensure everything is done to a high standard.

Even with skills and proper material, it's tough for DIYers to know what tools are needed to make and fit the entire skirting system. Plus, investing in items you’ll only use in a single project isn’t smart. Moreover, don’t forget that our pros use special computer software and also print the skirt, which is something that may be out of reach for most people. Also, not many people have the space to park a huge 5th wheel at home and work on the DIY installation.

Professional RV Skirting Companies Have Proof of Work and Referrals

Indeed, you can’t just trust the word of someone you meet online without learning about their track record. At Custom Skirting, we know customers shopping for a service want to verify the quality of a company's work, that’s why we have provided references to give you peace of mind.

In addition to the 4 RV dealers’ references you can call to confirm our work, our website has a sizeable gallery section to showcase our previous works, as well as testimonials. Moreover, you can visit our Facebook page, to read 40+ reviews from our previous customers.

Save Your RV from Potential Damage

Another main reason to hire professional services for installing RV skirting is that they are efficient in their work, which reduces the risk of any damage. Those who hire untrained people or go the DIY route risk damaging the RVs paint and leaving glaring holes on the camper.

The proficiency of a custom skirting service will save your rig from damage during and after the completion of the work. While our process does involve the application of an aluminum channel to the side of your rig, it is done as discreetly as possible, and every screw hole is sealed and protected with RTV silicon.

Quicker Service

Professionals who have installed many RV skirting systems are capable of installing your protective wrap promptly. If you go the DIY route, you’ll need to go through plenty of research, tests, trials, and errors before getting it right. With a professional RV skirt fitting service, you just need to book the service, and you’ll be given an installation date.

Working with a predictable schedule is better, rather than trying it yourself only for winter to catch up before you’ve perfected your creation. At Custom Skirting, we can build you a skirt in a matter of days if you come stay at our RV park. Furthermore, our systems have been designed to be set up by one person in half an hour. Take down is even quicker when you need to hop to the next campsite.

Fewer Problems With RV Parks

Every RV park wants to maintain an immaculate image. Beyond keeping the facilities spotless, they also expect your camper to look decent. Now, dressing your RV in a clumsy or poorly designed skirt that doesn’t fit could make your RV an eye-sore to other guests.

This may force the management to ask you to take it down. You could be left exposed to the cold or be forced to find a different campground, which is difficult on short notice. Skirting that’s tailor-made by pros looks great and fits like a glove, drawing praise and interest from other campers.

Peace of Mind

Working with a skirting specialist will give you the peace of mind to focus on more important matters in your life. As mentioned before, a DIY project is a huge undertaking that can drain you mentally. Having someone to do it will free up valuable time for you to get your work and family duties accomplished.

Also, at the back of your mind, you’ll feel more confident going camping in winter as you know a custom skirt will hold up pretty well. Instead of wondering whether your rookie skirting will offer enough protection, work with a pro so you can fully focus on the fun aspects of cold-weather camping.

Custom Skirting is Durable

Professional custom skirting holds its value better than DIY options. And they are plenty of reasons why—from quality materials, tailor-made design to skillful and careful installation. Beyond that, we listen to customer feedback and constantly look for ways to improve our system.

You can Take Advantage of Extra Services

If you’re lucky enough, your professional skirting company may offer a menu of services that are rare to find, and you can order them to improve your RVing experience. For instance, along with RV skirting solutions we offer therma slides to protect your slide-out walls from winter weather.

Even if you may not need additional services, our experts could give you some great advice for caring and prolonging the skirt's lifespan.

Better Accessibility

Unlike one-size-fits-all RV skirting kits, a custom creation provides quick access to your external compartments. That’s a big advantage when you want to retrieve or put away cargo without freezing. Our skirts also provides access to other points you might need to reach under the RV, such as valves and hookups.

You’ll Benefit from an RV Skirting Warranty

Another perk of having your RV skirt installed by a trustworthy professional is that you get a warranty. This is usually a sign of a company’s confidence in its own product. At Custom Skirting, our skirting is of exceptional quality that's why it’s backed up by a 3-year warranty.

Financing Options

Finally, leading RV skirt installers offer financing options, making it easier for you to manage the cost. This provides customers with more manageable payments instead of having to pay the whole amount upfront. At Custom Skirting, you can choose between a monthly payment plan and 6 months same as cash option.

Banish the Winter Chills With Professional RV Skirting

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why working with a custom skirting professional is a brilliant move. We hope the advantages mentioned above will help you make an informed decision. And if you still have concerns, feel free to reach out to us, and we will answer any questions you have.

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