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RV Skirting the Ultimate Winter RVing Upgrade

By Justin Gonzales

When the blazing colors of fall start to disappear in the rearview mirror, it’s time to think about products that will make RV winter camping more comfortable and worry-free. One amazing way to upgrade your RV in winter is to invest in a custom RV skirt.

So, how does installing a tailor-made RV skirt elevate your winter living experience? This post will highlight six good reasons why RV skirting is the ultimate winter RVing upgrade.

First, What is RV Skirting

RV skirting involves fitting a protective cover around the bottom of your camper to block cold air and wind from reaching the undercarriage. It also prevents warm air under that space from escaping. This protects your camper’s sensitive plumbing components from freezing and keeps the temperature inside your camper comfortable.

For the RV skirt to work efficiently, it needs to completely enclose the underside of your RV and be made of quality material. Any gaps will allow warm air to escape. That’s why it’s best to use a custom RV skirt, as it will be designed for your rig’s specific dimensions enabling you to close every gap. At Custom Skirting, we professionally skirt your camper using rugged 18 oz reinforced vinyl that can take heavy abuse from the elements it is attached to your camper with a patented channel system that gives you NO SNAP and NO GAPS.

Now, why choose this upgrade?

RV Skirting Protects Your Plumbing System from Freezing

The top reason why custom skirting is a major RV winter upgrade is that it protects your pipes and tanks from freezing and cracking, costing you major repairs. The skirt prevents cold air and wind from circulating under the RV, enabling you to still use running water even in the coldest conditions of Montana and North Dakota. Even if your RV has an arctic package, this skirt will add an extra layer of protection, ensuring the safety of your water system. With a single heater under their skirt RVer’s have reported having running water at -48 degrees Fahrenheit.

Custom RV Skirting Makes the Interior of Your Camper More Comfortable

If the underbelly of your RV is freezing, your floors will get cold and make the interior uncomfortable and harder to heat. Sealing off the warmer air underneath your RV from the cold air outside will give you better control of indoor temperatures. From now on, staying warm when the temps dip won’t be a hassle.

Custom Made RV Skirting Helps You Save on Propane

Another reason why getting a custom RV skirt is an excellent winter RVing update is simply that it saves you money. By keeping your wheeled home warmer, RV skirting ensures you need less propane to heat the inside. That’s because you’re not losing as much heat as you would be without the underbelly insulation. Rver’s with skirting have reported going from $400 a month in propane to less than $190 a month with a skirt installed on their camper.

Tailor-Made RV Skirting Creates New Storage Space

A bonus benefit of RV skirting is the extra storage space it provides especially if you have a fifth wheel. And as we all know, storage is a premium for any long-term RVer. With proper skirting, the underneath of your RV becomes a safe place to neatly store extra gear out of sight. Those with fifth wheels may even be able to fit motorcycles under the hitch area.

Professionally Fitted RV Skirts Extends the Life of Your Tires

One more reason why customized RV skirting is the perfect winter improvement is that it helps protect your tires from brutal weather. Enclosing the bottom of your rig safeguards the tires against dry rot or any other degradation caused by UV, precipitation, and fluctuating temperatures.

Custom Skirting Gives Your Camper a Sleeker Look

A RV skirt that’s designed to fit right is not only practical but also makes your camper look stylish. When installed by qualified specialists, your RV will maintain its neat, natural lines. Many RVers have reporting not even noticing the channel once installed because it follows the trim line. Additionally, it spruces up the looks of your campsite by allowing you to hide gear and other items that would otherwise make your exterior space look cluttered. This space can also be utilized as a place to protect your valuables from the elements.

Get a Quality RV Skirt that Fits Your Camper Like a Glove

If you’re a full-timer or a RVer who is cold-weather camping, professionally skirting your RV is a brilliant upgrade and a wise precaution. The skirt will protect your plumbing system and tires, save energy, create additional storage space, and give your camper a streamlined look.

Don’t have an RV skirt yet? Add it to your winter camping essentials list. Here at Custom Skirting LLC, we have skirted over 2,000 RVs, and our superior product works better than any other option offered on the market today. Moreover, you can easily remove it and use it at a different campsite. It travels with you. Reach out to get a free quote or to learn more about our services!

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